Conference hall

    Media conference hall: 165 m2. Capacity: 100.
    Equipment: overhead projector, wireless / wired microphones, CD player, VCD/DVD player/VCR, whiteboard.

    1.3 hours for a period. Venue rental is NT$4000 for a period. 10% off used continuously for 2 periods. 20% off used continuously for more than 3 periods. (discounts for lodgers only)
    2.Equipment costs: overhead projector NT$1000 for a period (3 hours), with 150-inch projector screen.
    3.Also comes with two drinks (choose two from coffee, juice, hot tea)
    4.In order to enhance the quality of accommodation, conference hall suspends after p.m. 10:00.
    5.Please call for reserve conference hall in advance.